Although the principles of digital marketing can be applied to any industry, there are certain differences in how a strategy should be approached and developed depending upon the business sector that you operate in. For example, businesses looking to drive direct sales and revenue through their websites require a different strategy to those looking to drive enquiries. Similarly, the digital marketing channels used to reach prospective customers in the fashion industry are usually very different to those used in the legal field. These differences in approach and strategy are why we offer industry specific digital marketing training courses.

Whether you’re a law firm who wants your staff to get to grips with social media, or a fashion business whose team need to focus more on revenue driving channels, if you’re looking to further develop your team’s capabilities then you’re in the right place. Based on our vast experience within the digital marketing sector, all of our industry specific training has been developed using our own tried, tested and proven methods so that we can ensure that everything we teach will actually work in practice. At the moment, we are able to offer industry specific training courses for the following business sectors:

Fashion & Ecommerce

Suitable for both established and budding ecommerce businesses, our digital marketing for fashion and ecommerce courses can either help you to get started online, or further establish and build upon what you’ve already achieved, including getting more out of your existing website traffic.

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Solicitors & Accountants

Predominantly focussed towards enquiry based strategies, our solicitors and accountants course would be ideal for the majority of professional services companies. Covering everything from best practices on social media for staff, right through to common pitfalls to avoid when appointing marketing staff or agencies, we can help you get the most out of your online presence using your existing team.

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Bars & Restaurants

Whether you want to learn how to attract out of town visitors to your bar or restaurant, or you’re trying to build your establishment’s reputation within a specific geographical area or niche, we can help your team learn how to adapt your digital marketing strategy to suit, including how to measure success and results.

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To find out more about our industry specific training and how we can help you get the most out of your team, get in touch to discuss your requirements.