We offer a comprehensive range of digital marketing courses in Manchester City Centre, all run by digital experts with extensive experience working within the industry. Our training programs are all created and delivered in association with Red Cow Media, the multi-award winning, number one ranked SEO and digital marketing agency in Manchester. Courses are delivered by the founders of the agency, who are known within the digital sphere for their unrivalled experience on an international scale.

A Breakdown of Our Digital Marketing Courses

Our digital marketing training has been specifically developed to be suitable for everyone from complete beginners who are looking to gain an understanding of online marketing, right the way through to professional digital marketers looking to enhance or hone their existing skills, or add new specialisms to their repertoire. Whatever your level of experience, we aim for all training course attendees to walk away having learned something new about their chosen area of digital marketing.

All digital marketing courses are run from our offices in Manchester and are delivered in small, seminar-style groups to ensure that each attendee leaves with a full understanding of the topics covered, and is able to ask any questions they may have easily, freely and without fear of judgement. This is bolstered by our informal teaching style, which allows for a relaxed and collaborative learning environment. Each attendee will also receive 2 weeks of support free of charge following completion of their chosen SEO training course, which is to ensure that we’re able to help wherever possible whilst the principles learned during training are being used.

Digital marketing training available at the Red Cow Academy includes courses in digital marketing fundamentals, SEO, Social Media, Retargeting and Google Analytics. In our course repertoire you will find everything from an introduction to SEO for beginners, right through to advanced courses such as the intricacies of SEO internationalisation.

In addition to set digital marketing courses in Manchester, we are also able to offer tailored training packages to companies who are looking to develop a specific digital marketing skill set in their existing or new employees. These packages are custom created to take into account your needs as a business, and courses can also be delivered on-site at clients’ premises if required. This is often more convenient for larger groups of 10 or more.

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Why Choose The Red Cow Academy For Your Digital Marketing Course?

Multi-Award Winning

Red Cow Media are a multi-award winning digital marketing agency. We have won awards in multiple categories including Digital Marketing, SEO and Best Agency overall. In addition to this, we are recognised by Google, Shopify and AdRoll as official trusted partners.



We offer a comprehensive range of support services following completion of your chosen digital marketing training course. Every attendee gets 2 weeks of support as part of the course attendance fee, and for companies sending employees for digital marketing training we offer additional packages for ongoing support. These are cost effective and run month to month with no tie in period.



Our teachers are known within the digital marketing industry for their expertise, experience and passion for everything from SEO to analytics. Each with 10+ years of hands-on, relevant experience, our teachers really do know their stuff and have demonstrated it at the highest level with companies all over the world in many different industries including ecommerce, fashion, law, insurance and travel.

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Team Training

Digital Marketing Course For Teams

Being digital agency owners, we’re familiar with the day to day running of a business and, as such, we understand that sometimes it makes sense to have your digital marketing team as an everyday part of your company on an in-house basis, especially as you grow. We also understand that good talent is difficult to come by in the digital marketing industry, and so we offer comprehensive team training that can be adapted to suit the needs of your business. Over the years, we have helped a number of former clients take their digital marketing in house when the time was right, including assisting with the recruitment of staff and the subsequent training and support.

Customised team digital marketing training can be offered in a number of formats from seminar groups to larger lecture-style sessions, which are usually used to bring a broad awareness of digital marketing to a wider audience within large companies or marketing teams.

Our team digital marketing training courses that are tailored specifically to your needs as a business start from 5 attendees. If you’re interested in training courses for some or all of your marketing team then get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can arrange a custom plan.

Digital Marketing Course For Specific Industries

If your company is part of a group of businesses and you feel that all within the group would benefit from a digital marketing course, we can also offer a digital marketing training that is industry-specific rather than adapted to one exact business.

These unique training courses are adapted to industry rather than one particular business, and aim to teach attendees tried and tested digital marketing principles and methods that can be applied to any business within an industry as a whole. Learn tips and techniques to advance your company’s online profile, learned from years of working in many different industries.

Group training courses offer a convenient and cost-effective option for those looking to increase their digital marketing efforts whilst keeping costs down.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each of our digital marketing courses have been specifically designed to teach our attendees about their chosen area of the industry, so every course is carefully tailored and different to one another. Whether you are a complete beginner, or you are experienced and looking to develop your current skill set, our founders have the knowledge and experience to help you build your confidence in the digital marketing industry, no matter the direction you are looking to take following the course.

When you arrive at our digital marketing courses in Manchester, we will introduce ourselves and establish what you are hoping to achieve through the course. Our courses are run in small groups of no more than 4 people, but we can also offer large group training, industry specific training or one to one training if this is something that would be of interest to your business.

We always maintain a relaxed, informal learning environment, so you can simply enjoy the day and learn new skills without being worried about any form of judgement, which is often the case with other digital training marketing courses. In our experience, learning in a friendly, yet professional, environment is far more effective. With our digital marketing courses in Manchester, your understanding of the topic will be so much more thorough as a result of the learning environment we create.

The offices for our digital marketing courses in Manchester are just a short walk from major train stations, tram stops and bus routes! Plus, we provide free refreshments throughout the day and even a pint from our draught beer tap at the end of the day if you’d like to partake.

To summarise, when you choose Red Cow Academy for your digital marketing courses in Manchester, you will have developed a much better understanding of your chosen topic and we will work hard to make sure you enjoy the day. Whether you are coming to the course as an individual looking to develop their knowledge or as part of a business looking to focus more closely on a specific area of digital marketing, you will leave the course feeling more confident in how to grow the digital presence of a business. Contact us today for more information about how our digital marketing courses can benefit you or your business!

Digital marketing courses can cover a wide range of different topics depending on the expertise of the leaders. So, if you are a beginner, we will briefly introduce some of the key disciplines that would be explored within different digital marketing courses, to help you decide which direction might be best suited to you!

Firstly, we have SEO (search engine optimisation), which involves improving and optimising websites in order to build their visibility online. As a beginner, the most important things to understand are search engines and how they work, why SEO is so important for businesses and what search engines want to see on websites. Once you understand these core components, you would then look to understand the foundations of search engine optimisation principles, such as competitor analysis, keyword research, how to create effective content, link building strategies, on and off page optimisation (including mobile) and also how to analyse campaigns. With our digital marketing training courses for SEO in Manchester, we cover the fundamentals discussed above, as well as more advanced courses focused on specific areas such as internationalisation, local SEO and technical SEO.

PPC (pay-per-click) is another form of internet marketing where you bid to appear on search engine results pages and pay a fee each time a user clicks on your website link. This can be very advantageous for businesses, as you can carefully focus advertising spend on particular queries, demographics and times to maximise the potential of even the smallest budgets. With a digital marketing course for PPC, you would learn how to establish your goals for the campaign, set up a campaign, decide the keywords that you want to bid on and know how to adjust campaigns based on performance.

Social media is another major discipline within digital marketing and can be split into two main sectors; organic social media and paid social media advertising. Organic social media refers to the free content that any user can post on their profiles and through this, you can build an engaged and loyal following by regularly posting relevant content that is always closely aligned with your brand values. With great organic social media profiles, you can create a strong reputation that will translate into business growth when done correctly.

The other area of social media is paid social media advertising, where your business pays to appear across your chosen social media platforms, targeting specific audiences who you think will be interested in your brand. With this discipline, you can carefully target both new and existing customers depending on your business goals. As they are such different disciples, the best digital marketing training courses would teach organic and paid social media advertising separately.

Each of these disciplines have very different benefits for a business, so ideally, they should all be used in conjunction with one another for a well-rounded digital strategy.

Red Cow Academy has been created by the founders of the award-winning agency Red Cow Media. The founders, Kelly and Stephen, will be the experts running the digital marketing courses in Manchester. With over 25 years combined experience, not only do they have a passion for the industry, but they are exceptional at what they do.

They have worked with companies all over the world in a range of different sectors, and always focus on generating actual results rather than just vanity metrics (see our testimonials to prove it!). This passion is what encouraged them to create our range of digital marketing courses in Manchester, as they want to use their experience to help others either start their career in the industry or expand their skill set.

No matter why you are choosing to complete a digital marketing training course in Manchester, there are many benefits:

Develop a New Skill Set – if you have an interest in the digital marketing industry and are considering a career change, a course is the perfect opportunity to develop your skill set.

Enhance Your CV – completing digital marketing courses in your own time shows an interest in the industry, which will set you apart from other candidates when it comes to applying for jobs. Additionally, you will interview with more confidence and will be able to naturally discuss key disciplines as a result of our teaching style at Red Cow Academy.

Increase Your Value – when you learn an additional skill through a digital marketing training course, you will add more value to a business, so you can increase your market value and command higher salaries.

Cost Effective For Businesses – if you already have a marketing department but would like to expand into a different area, having one of your employees complete a digital marketing course is far more cost-effective than paying for digital marketing services monthly.

In relation to the benefits of Red Cow Academy’s digital marketing courses specifically:

In-Person Learning – our digital marketing courses are held at our Manchester city-centre offices, in small groups, so you have the opportunity to ask questions and understand your chosen topic on a deeper level. This is a huge advantage of our in-person digital marketing courses as opposed to those solely held online.

Leading Industry Experts as Course Leaders – the leaders of our digital marketing courses in Manchester have over 25 years of unrivalled experience in the industry. Kelly and Stephen are ready to share their knowledge and passion for the sector no matter your level of experience. Through their experience, they understand that there are unfortunately many con artists within the sector, so one of the major motivators of our digital marketing courses for them is helping to inform people about the best practices for the industry.

Relaxed Yet Professional Environment – unlike many other digital marketing courses, we always create a relaxed yet professional environment, so you don’t need to worry about feeling uncomfortable or experiencing any kind of judgement. You can simply enjoy the course and expand your knowledge!

Free Beer – need we say more? Who doesn’t love free beer!

Following a digital marketing training course, there are so many different job opportunities. If you already work in a business and are looking to develop your skill set, you will be in a position to command a higher salary if you are adding value to the business as a result of completing digital marketing courses. Rather than changing your career completely, you can simply add to your skills to progress further in your role.

With an understanding of digital marketing through our courses, you can start a career in a whole manner of disciplines. Every business should invest in digital marketing, which they increasingly are, so through digital marketing courses you can work in any sector that you are interested in or you could work for an agency and have the opportunity to work on clients from a whole range of industries. From content creation to social media, email marketing and paid advertising, there are so many areas you can specialise in once you understand the key concepts through our digital marketing training courses.

No matter the career path you take, having an understanding of digital marketing through our courses in Manchester will be valuable, as it is increasingly important to the success of any business.

Each of our digital marketing courses differ in price, depending on the technicality of the course and also the length (either half a day or a full day). For a half day course, our prices start at £249 which includes all of the course materials for you to take away, free refreshments (including free beer) and the expertise of our course leaders with over 25 years of experience who will make sure that everything is clear and easy to understand. We never spout lots of jargon in any of our digital marketing courses, instead, we always make sure we explain key components in an accessible and engaging way.

Completing a digital marketing training course in Manchester is a cost-effective and convenient option that can really help you to progress in your career or potentially start an entirely new one. If you have any questions about our courses before booking, contact us today to speak to one of our experts.