The world of digital marketing is extremely fast paced, with constant changes happening on a regular basis, and it’s due to this ever-evolving nature that it’s often considered at odds with more traditional, professional services businesses such as solicitors and accountants. In our experience, though, digital marketing used correctly can have a momentous impact upon the very types of business that tend to freely dismiss it as ‘too unpredictable’ or ‘smoke and mirrors’. Over the last 6 years of agency ownership, in fact, some of our best results have been achieved with professional services businesses, some of whom were wary at the outset of their digital marketing campaigns.

Whilst digital marketing for professional services can be extremely effective in delivering results, it does require a different approach that takes into account a more conservative tone when compared to other sectors such as fashion or hospitality. Over the years, we have developed a highly successful approach to this type of digital marketing campaign, and this has now expanded into our training courses.

The training we have available to solicitors and accountants falls into two categories – education and awareness, and practical skills.

Education and awareness courses

In our experience, the majority of professional services companies tend to have a limited understanding of digital marketing principles, channels and reporting. This can often lead to misconceptions about what is/isn’t achievable or realistic, and can also cause issues with transparency and a clients’ ability to question or challenge aspects of their digital marketing strategy that typically requires financial investment. The best way to combat this is through increased awareness about digital marketing, and so we offer specific training to introduce partners of law firms and accountancy practices to the basic principles of digital marketing. Modules on these industry specific courses are designed for learners to leave with a higher level of understanding around which channels do what, the benefits and limitations of each, how, when and why they should be used, and what to ask prospective agencies, freelancers or employees when considering investing in digital marketing in order to avoid common pitfalls.

Practical skills training

For law firms and accountancy practices that have already adopted digital marketing practices into their marketing strategies, we can assist by upskilling your existing team. The scope of our practical skills training ranges from basics such as unifying staff social media accounts and issuing do’s and don’ts of professional social media profiles, right through to full training for in house digital marketing executives and marketing managers. Typically the scope of what’s needed will depend on the size of your firm/practice and how far you have already incorporated digital marketing into your business. For this reason, the practical skills training offered to professional services firms tends to be on more of a bespoke basis, with training courses developed by our expert trainers that are specifically tailored to your business.

For more information on what we could do to help your business, contact one of our team.