If you’re looking for a comprehensive digital marketing training course for your team or a large group then look no further. With a wealth of experience in teaching digital marketing courses coupled with many years of working in hands-on digital marketing roles, our Red Cow Academy teachers offer invaluable knowledge and expertise that can be at your disposal with a customised training plan that’s made specifically for your business.

Team or group digital marketing training is available in whatever format best suits you, your business and the needs of your team. We have the capability to offer training at all levels, starting with the basics, all the way through to complex digital marketing and analytical principles and every level in between.

Why choose the Red Cow Academy for your digital marketing training?

The idea behind the academy itself stems from years and years of training our own digital agency staff at all levels of experience from interns to senior SEO managers and analysts. Over time, we’ve honed our teaching skills based on tried and tested techniques that we use ourselves on an ongoing basis. We practice what we preach, and it’s because of this that we know what works best and how to get the most out of each individual, even whilst working in a group training session with different ability levels.

How do the training courses cater to different personalities and abilities?

The nature and accessibility of digital marketing is such that it can attract people from any educational or previous work background, resulting in a diverse and varied range of personality types who all learn differently. It took us a while to figure out how best to accommodate these differences in one go, and we spent years developing a strategy that would enable us to deliver large parts of our own training at once, rather than having to do all of it at an individual level. By using a number of techniques and teaching methods in each course, we now know how to tailor our training so that there’s something within the content that resonates with every type of learner in your team. Following initial consultation, we carefully put together a course that uses a combination of theoretical and conceptual elements, as well as hands on practice wherever possible. Where your team has differing levels of experience and digital marketing ability, our courses accommodate in a number of different ways. This is done by using a rotation method where some members of the team will be learning whilst others are doing their hands-on elements and/or using multiple teachers for each session.

Get in touch to find out more, or to discuss your team training requirements and take the first steps towards putting together your customised training plan.